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Grow smart.

SoilMetrix helps growers use artificial intelligence to maximize the fertility of their fields. We aspire to an abundant and sustainable global food supply through continuously improving soil management practices.

By helping farmers and ranchers easily apply modern data science to improve the stewardship of their land, they're also able to maximize the yield of every acre. It's a win, win.


Our machine learning and AI-driven approach to scaling precision management of soil health will be indispensable in years to come as an additional 82 million people are added to the planet every year. 

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SoilMetrix Field Hand


The smartest tool on earth.

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Precision Soil Management with Smart Zones


  • Create new management zones for your fields in less than a week

  • At least 400% more precise than traditional grid pattern soil sampling

  • Continuously monitor the health of your soil, including regularly updated management zone boundaries with weekly updated application recommendations

  • Utility in areas with limited infrastructure (e.g. non-US)


The 10x Agronomist (Mid 2023)

  • Natural language dialog with a farm-smart AI

  • Powerful decision aid for growers or their agronomists

  • Accurate on-demand prescriptions for your soil

  • Rapid prescription integration with variable rate devices

  • Automation platform for saving time while in the field

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Field Hand Soil API (Late 2023)

  • Field Hand managed field profiles, management zones, prescriptions and amendment history

  • In season soil nutrient alerts per region and field

  • Field Hand and regionally aggregated soil prescription summaries

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